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WIBAX’ Malmö terminal is ready for the market in southern Sweden

Following a multi-million SEK investment to increase capacity and provide a high level of safety, the remodelling of Wibax’ Malmö terminal is now complete.
“We are now ready to take a strong position in the market in southern Sweden”, reports Jonas Wiklund, CEO, Wibax Group.

Wibax acquired the Malmö terminal in 2014. Following a review and inventory of operations, there was a lengthy process requiring applications for environmental permits to cover new products. Once that was complete, extensive remodelling began, to increase capacity and provide a high level of security. Wibax has invested a total of 26 million SEK in the upgrade, which, in addition to the bunding, also included a new heating system, interior anti-corrosion paintwork, isolation of certain tanks, and new, safer loading facilities.

“With this investment, we have further strengthened safety at the Malmö terminal”, explains Anders Skoog, Operations Manager, Wibax Terminals.

The Malmö terminal is strategically positioned for deliveries to southern Sweden and Denmark, as well as for the import of various products from elsewhere in Europe. The Malmö terminal is Wibax’ southernmost location and an important hub in the country’s southern region, strengthening our operations in the expansive Öresund region. The Malmö terminal covers 18 000 m² and consists of tanks with a total storage capacity of 13,300 m3. There are favourable conditions for managing marine shipments as well as shipment by rail and tanker trucks. The establishment in Malmö adds to Wibax’ total capacity for logistics and storage.

“With the addition of the Malmö terminal, we can now service all of Sweden, and we see new markets here, both for chemicals and bio oils. We are excited about making a serious impact with our own products in Malmö and southern Sweden”, explains Jonas Wiklund, CEO, Wibax Group.

Wibax currently has a total of eight terminals in strategic locations throughout Sweden, as well as one in Finland. The terminals are of a very high standard, meeting high demands for safety. Amongst other things, there is a clear strategy to install bunding, which prevents leakage and contamination of the surrounding environment in the event of an accident.

Wibax provides a full supply chain, from purchasing and production to storage and transport using our own tanker trucks. The level of safety and service is very high. For example, customers have the option to use online solutions to monitor current levels and withdrawals. The goal of our terminals is to be as close to our customers as possible, thereby keeping road transport at a minimum.