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WIBAX strengthening presence in the northern region

Wibax is investing a total of 15 million SEK in two new terminals in Skelleftehamn. These are in close proximity to Wibax’ current terminals in the area.
“Wibax continues to grow and through this investment, we would like to further strengthen our presence in the northern region”, explains Jonas Wiklund, CEO Wibax Group

“The goal of our terminals is to use them in conjunction with our vehicles to offer a unique logistics solution, close to our customers, allowing us to minimise the transportation of goods whilst maximising supply reliability”, explains Magnus Sundström, Managing Director Wibax Logistics.

The Skelleftehamn terminals are Wibax’ second northernmost, strategically located to offer deliveries to many Wibax customers. The investment will give us an additional 22 storage tanks, with a combined storage capacity of 94,000 m³. This will give us a total storage capacity of 177,000 m³ across a total of 44 storage tanks of various sizes. We will be in a good position to manage maritime transport as well as transport by rail and tanker trucks. This establishment strengthens Wibax’ total storage and logistics capacity in the region and means that we control all of the terminals for liquid goods in Skelleftehamn.

The ongoing development in Skellefteå will have a major impact both locally and in the wider region of northern Sweden, as well as for European industry. Other significant industrial investments such as those for battery production will lead to additional, interesting business ventures. Thus, this investment is primarily a strategic one, with everything else going on in the area in mind. We believe that there will be a great demand for efficient and reliable logistics solutions for liquid products, and this investment will put us in a stronger position.

Wibax currently has nine terminals in strategic locations throughout Sweden, as well as one in Finland. Through this investment, our total storage capacity will increase to approximately 460,000 m³.

Wibax offers a complete supply chain, from purchasing and production to storage and transportation using our own tanker trucks. The level of service and safety is very high, and customers have the ability to review deliveries, current supply levels and supply use, using online solutions.