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Wibax is helping customers reduce their CO2 emissions

The ongoing climate crisis creates a need for bio oil as a complementary fuel, one that is both green and economic. The market has shifted in recent years as more and more organisations are making it their responsibility to create a sustainable future. Today, it makes both environmental and financial sense to use bio oil, as it is tax exempt, whilst tax exemptions for fossil fuels have been drastically reduced over the last couple of years.

Fossil-free heating with Wibax Bio oil

Wibax Industrial has installed a tank and other equipment to replace fossil fuels with bio oil at the Skanska plant in Östersund. We are now filling that tank with bio oil and Skanska will thus have another plant delivering asphalt with fossil-free heating.

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New Logistics Manager at Wibax

Örjan Svensson, 52, from Gällivare, is Wibax’ new Logistics Manager. He will have general responsibility for managing and developing the operations of the company’s logistics and cistern sites. In broad terms, his role will be to coordinate improvement initiatives, whilst helping the organisation and its staff develop.


Important decisions will be made over the next couple of months, regarding bioenergy legislation, both in Sweden and in the EU. In the past year, both Energikommissionen (the Energy Commission) and Miljömålsberedningen (the Environmental Goals Committee) have drafted proposals which will now be put before the Swedish Parliament. This means that legislation will be decided for biofuel heating, biopower, vehicular biofuel and solid biofuels.


Here you see the unloading of our first boat delivery with bio oil to the terminal in Malmö. We see an increased demand for bio-oil and now we have the opportunity to deliver the product to our customers in the area quickly and sustainably, ”says David Wiklund, Managing Director at Wibax Biofuels.

New proposal for increased environmental taxes

The new rules are proposed to come into force on August 1, 2019 and will mean, amongst other things, an increased tax on fossil fuels used in cogeneration plants. The changes suggested to the Swedish Energy Tax Act are aimed at reducing the emissions from combustion of fossil fuels in Swedish cogeneration plants. This will be done to aid the transmission to fossil-free fuels and to help fulfill the goal of zero net greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden by 2045.

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