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Fossil free heating with Wibax Bio-oil

Wibax Industrial is assisting Norrtälje Energi with conversion of their Rimbo facility. The heating plant in Rimbo has been using biofuel for some time, renovations are now underway to adapt the backup heating facility so that it too can be powered by fossil-free Wibax Bio-oil.

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Wibax Reaches Billion Goal

The target was set almost ten years ago. In 2018, it was reached and exceeded. Piteå company Wibax is now part of a select band of companies in Sweden’s Norrbotten region with a turnover exceeding 1 billion SEK. “We aimed to reach the goal by 2020, but last year, we already had a turnover of almost 1.2 billion SEK”, explains CEO Jonas Wiklund. “Additionally, we have managed to increase our turnover year by year whilst remaining profitable and we have also exceeded our profit target for 2018. This feels great and it was of course made possible by the incredible efforts and engagement of our staff.”


In the spring of 2018, Wibax and PiteEnergi established a collaboration deal whereby Wibax purchases 100% renewable energy for its head office in Piteå. Our collaboration is now extended to cover seven out of Wibax’ eight terminals in Sweden; that is, the terminals where we have our own power supply. The eighth terminal will be receiving its electricity from another provider offering 99,9% renewable energy.


The clip below shows Åsa Hansson, describing what Good Chemistry means to her, in her job as a project engineer at Wibax Performance Chemicals.

A total solution for bio-oil delivery

WIBAX creates sustainable chemistry for Nordic industry. Here is the Wibax Industrial team, assisting industry with servicing and maintenance. They also perform conversions to make combustion plants bio-oil compatible, thereby contributing to a sustainable future, free from fossil fuels.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

WIBAX would like to extend our sincere thanks for your invaluable support in 2018. We wish you and your family a happy holiday and we look forward towards continued good relationships. Instead of a Christmas gift, we have chosen to give a contribution to the Child Cancer Foundation.

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