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Wibax has signed an agreement to acquire Baltic Tank in Finland

Wibax AB, through Wibax Logistics Oy ("Wibax"), has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in Baltic Tank Oy ("Baltic Tank") and thereby takes over operations based in Turku, Finland and terminals along the Finnish coast as well as in Kunda, Estonia. Balitc Tank is a leading Finnish company engaged in storing and handling of liquid chemical products and bio-oils.

Wibax is cleaning to maximise productivity at Sunpine

Maintaining maximum production capacity is an important goal at Sunpine’s plant. Wibax therefore routinely cleans the plant’s heat exchangers using products tailor made for the purpose. Everything happens in a closed system, where all the cleaning chemicals are returned into the production process, a sustainable way to clean.

Wibax continues to work for a fossil free Sweden

Wibax agrees that the world must end its use of fossil fuels, and that Sweden should take a leading role in making this a reality, which is why we subscribe to the Fossil Free Sweden initiative. This means that we stand behind the Fossil Free Sweden Declaration, and have a set of concrete steps to reduce emissions and reach a fossil free Sweden. It is important that we all continue to work with the issue of sustainability, so that coming generations may live in a sustainable society.

Stop the proposal to levy a carbon tax on renewable bio oils

“It is a strange proposition to levy a carbon tax on renewable bio oils in an already challenging market. Sweden has set ambitious targets to become fossil fuel free, and this would push us in the wrong direction. However, Wibax is well prepared and can provide alternative bio oils, which remain unaffected by the proposal”, explains David Wiklund, CEO, Wibax Biofuels.

Very few of Wibax’ customers use the products in question. The customers who use RME for heating use it mainly in facilities consuming small amounts of oil. Wibax encourages customers to convert facilities or otherwise enable combustion of tall oil or MFA in their facilities, however, smaller facilities may face unsustainably large investments relative to their consumption and therefore decide to go with a different combustion method.

Wibax – a safe, reliable supplier!

Through the course of the current global pandemic, we face challenges and difficulties that previously would have been difficult to even imagine. However, despite global uncertainties, Wibax has seen no interruption in our chemicals supply chain. Wibax is a strong company, able to adapt our operations in a multitude of ways.

Wibax ensures a safe drinking water supply

Chemicals are a crucial part of the process in the production of high-quality drinking water and in wastewater treatment. Wibax delivers products to municipal water and wastewater treatment plants, amongst many others – a public service fundamental to building communities that are sustainable in the long term.

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