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Wibax Logistics investerar i nya tankbilar

Wibax Logistics will be investing approximately 20 million SEK to purchase a total of five new tanker trucks in 2019. This will give us a vehicle fleet of about 50 tanker trucks, delivering liquid chemicals and bio oils to customers, primarily in the paper and pulp industry but also other industries too.

The Wibax Group works with the trade and production of chemicals and oils and Wibax Logistics is responsible for the group’s logistics, with eight terminals in Sweden and one in Finland. Part of our sustainability work involves providing logistics services for other companies, thus avoiding empty return transportation.

Our sustainability initiatives also include working with fossil-free fuels and increasing the net load for vehicles with a total weight of 74 tons which are now allowed on parts of the road network, in order to reduce the number of deliveries . Four of the tankers, part of our most recent investment, can carry a total weight of 74 tons for chemical and bio oil deliveries. The fifth tanker is a gas tanker used for sulphur dioxide delivery.

Wibax Logistics is a logistics provider that prides itself on safe driving, climate-friendly approaches and good working conditions. Our drivers are trained in safety and environmental issues and with the help of active measures and new support systems, they have developed more efficient and sustainable ways of driving.

Our focus on sustainable logistics, combined with Wibax’ general sustainability initiatives, are top priorities. We always aim to optimise the level of loading of our vehicle fleet through continuous analysis of logistics flows and planning of return transportation, as well as by maximising the shipment weight.  A higher shipment weight results in lower CO2 emissions per transported ton, as it leads to fewer journeys and greater utility.

“Our ambition is to have a modern vehicle fleet, well suited to the tasks at hand, providing a high level of efficiency, security of delivery and minimising environmental impact, explains Magnus Sundström, Managing Director Wibax Logistics AB.”