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Wibax invest in a ninth terminal in order to further strengthen the distribution chain within Sweden

WIBAX is investing in a terminal in Gävle, with the aim of continuing to strengthen our distribution chain. “By investing in terminals of our own, we ensure that we can operate in close proximity to our customers, minimising transportation by tanker truck to whatever extent possible”, explains Magnus Sundström, Managing Director, Wibax Logistics.

Wibax now has nine terminals in strategic locations throughout Sweden as well as one in Jakobstad, Finland. All of Wibax’ terminals are of a very high standard, meeting high safety demands. The new terminal in Gävle is in good condition and compliant with all regulatory requirements. It is located in close proximity to the port and capable of handling maritime transport as well as transport by rail and tanker truck. The Gävle terminal has a storage tank with a capacity of approximately 6,000 m³.  The total storage capacity at Wibax’ terminals is now approximately 460,000 m³.

Wibax offers management of the entire distribution chain, from purchasing and production to storage and shipping, using our own tanker trucks. We offer a very high level of service and safety and our customers can, for instance, use online solutions to monitor withdrawals and current storage levels. With our terminals, we aim to be as close to our customers as possible, thereby minimising road transport to the greatest possible extent. Through good planning and combinations of different forms of transport, storage and return flows, we can minimise return shipping and create efficient logistics flows for our customers.

“Making serious, long-term investments is highly important to us at Wibax, allowing us to operate closer to our customers, in order to provide efficient logistics, sustainability and responsible shipping”, explains Magnus Sundström, Managing Director of Wibax Logistics.