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Wibax Academy - Trainee programme geared towards immigrants

Wibax works to create an inclusive workplace and diversity is necessary for development. One step towards creating such diversity is Wibax Academy – Good Chemistry For More of Us, a trainee programme geared towards immigrants. The project gave six candidates the opportunity to try working in various areas at Wibax, while receiving mentoring. All programme participants have remained in Piteå, and have managed to enter fields that they previously had no access to. Luma Fouad who participated in the project found permanent employment as a lab technician at Wibax.

Luma Fouad is part of the Wibax Technology division and now spends much of her days in Wibax’ large, newly-built laboratory. Luma is from Iraq and came to Sweden with her family in 2015. In her home country, she was an engineer at the University of Mosul, where she worked with environmental monitoring of water and construction materials. At Wibax, Luma works as a lab technician, analysing the products purchased and sold by Wibax. She also does environmental analysis within the company.

What does a typical day at work look like?
“Every day is a new challenge for me, as there are rarely two alike, and that is what makes work exciting. I have been working at Wibax for about a year now, and I still learn something new every day.”

What is the best thing about working at Wibax?
“The best thing about it is to work at a large, growing company where the colleagues are friendly, helpful and treat each other with respect.”

What did you think about the Wibax Academy trainee programme?
“The trainee programme was an important step for me, leading to a whole new life here in Sweden. It taught me how a job works, and gave me valuable experiences.”

Do you have any word of advice for other immigrants when it comes to getting into the labour market?
“My best advice is to never give up, always look for a job, even if it is something simple, it will teach you how the system works here in Sweden. It will feel difficult and stressful at the beginning, but over time it will just get better and better”, Luma Fouad concludes.