Sustainable products


Wibax's definition of sustainable products

Products that produce a lower environmental impact and more resource-efficient processes.

The product satisfies WIBAX’s following sustainability parameters:

Renewable raw materials
Raw materials that are constantly being renewed and therefore will not run out within the foreseeable future.

BOD/COD > 0.5 or at least 60% after 28 days, see EU Regulation no. 1272/2008, Detergents 648/2004

Reduced waste / emissions
During use and/or manufacture, the product produces reduced amounts of waste or emissions compared to similar products.

A reduced amount of energy and/or resources are used during manufacture and/or use in order to achieve the same result.

More environmentally friendly ingredients
The product is kinder to the environment compared to similar products.

A byproduct is a secondary products that is obtained during the production of another, main product.

Improved working environment
The product provides a better working environment compared to similar products.