Sustainability in practice


Sustainability must be a fundamental component of all parts of Wibax operations. In order to focus on the right areas for our particular field of operations, Wibax carries out materiality assessments in order to identify such areas, while surveying and following up on all sustainability aspects of our operations. The work is presented annually as part of our sustainability report.

Sustainability report

Since 2017, Wibax has produced an annual sustainability report, aiming to describe our work with sustainability, and our efforts to achieve Good Chemistry in everything from management to practical application. All sustainability reports are available in full here, alongside the annual reports.

Materiality assessment

Wibax’ materiality assessment is carried out every three years and is based on several different parameters:
A stakeholder survey, where stakeholders are asked to specify the sustainability aspects they deem most important for Wibax to focus on, based on the goals of the UN Agenda 2030. Analyses of driving forces in our surrounding community, and a self-assessment where we identified the sustainability aspects where we are most likely to have a significant impact. The 2020 materiality assessment is shown below.

Greenhouse gas inventory

In 2020, a greenhouse gas inventory was initiated by Wibax Group Sweden, under the GHG Protocol, an international standard for greenhouse gas inventories.

Conducting a greenhouse gas inventory allows us to more clearly follow up on the emissions of our operations, and better document the areas of focus most important for reaching Wibax’ sustainability target to reduce our total, fossil CO2 impact. The greenhouse gas inventory is summarized in Énglish, under GHG inventory report 2020 synopsis (1)

Responsible Care

Wibax is a member of Responsible Care. Responsible Care is a global pledge from the chemicals industry to systematically engage in continuous improvement in the fields of safety, health and environmental efforts. The programme is built around a self assessment tool for businesses in the chemicals industry, to assist them in evaluating their work with business management, personal and environmental safety, improvements to chemicals management systems, and to influence business partners, engage stakeholders and contribute to sustainable development. The tool also helps identify areas of improvement for connected businesses, and enables large scale data collection and comparison within the industry, at national and international levels.


Wibax is connected to the Ecovadis platform, for sustainability assessment by a third party provider. Ecovadis is based on an extensive questionnaire with documentation, responses and proof of work evaluated and reviewed by Ecovadis. The assessment of Wibax sustainability initiatives is divided into the areas of: environmental issues, laws and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing. Wibax’ results are compared with other global stakeholders in the business, and also provide suggestions for areas of improvement, to help us drive improvement efforts. Wibax’ stakeholders can use Ecovadis to review our assessment, thus gaining access to a third party assessment of us as suppliers.

The most recent assessment, in 2020, gave us a silver ranking, placing the Wibax group’s results in the 85th percentile. The percentile ranking shows that Wibax’ points were equal to or higher than 85% of companies within the industry, assessed by Ecovadis.

In order to connect your company to Wibax’ assessments, please contact the Wibax QSE group.