We are assuming the challenge of a more sustainable world

We are all facing the challenge of reducing society's ecological footprint. At present, we are living beyond the planet's resources.
Through active choices and collaboration, we can develop smart ways of reducing our ecological footprint and maintaining and improving our quality of life.

We can influence our ecological footprint

Chemistry can be found everywhere, which provides us with numerous options when it comes to influencing our ecological footprint. Wibax is constantly scanning the market and developing products that have a minimal impact on the environment. We are also working to reduce emissions from our transport operations and terminals.

Wibax Logistics is a member of Fair Transport, which means that we drive safely and climate smart and accept social responsibility. Working according to a system, our drivers are continually trained in resource-efficient driving and have achieved a high level compared to other drivers in Europe. Resource-efficient driving means a reduction in fuel consumption, reduced tyre wear, fewer repairs and maintenance, which leads to less of an impact on the environment.

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