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Major investment in additional safety at WIBAX’ Norrköping terminal

WIBAX has built a double-skin tank for liquid chemicals at their Norrköping terminal, an investment of 21 million SEK. “Long-term, serious investment in safety is a crucial part of our operations”, explains Anders Skoog, Operations Manager, Wibax Terminals.

With a double-skin construction, a second layer is built around the current tank. The radius between the inner and outer tank is one metre, meaning that the outer part has enough capacity to hold the entire volume of the inner tank in the event of an accident. The tank in question is 20 metres tall, made of sheet steel and has a storage capacity of 10,000 tons of liquid chemicals.

Wibax has eight terminals in strategic locations throughout Sweden, and one in Jakobstad, Finland. The Norrköping terminal has 20 tanks with a total storage capacity of approx. 43,000 m3. The terminal is capable of handling marine shipments as well as shipment by rail and tanker trucks. The goal of Wibax’ terminals is to be as close to customers as possible, thereby minimising the need for tanker truck transport to the greatest possible extent.

Wibax currently has a total of eight terminals in strategic locations throughout Sweden, as well as one in Finland. All terminals are of a very high standard, meeting high demands for safety. Amongst other things, there is a clear strategy to install bunding, which prevents leakage and contamination of the surrounding environment in the event of an accident.