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Healthy and responsible transport

Wibax's combined resources provide special opportunities to create efficient logistics, offering benefits for economy, energy and the environment. We have a complete, extensive fleet comprising some 50 vehicles. It includes net-effective vehicles for short-distance transport as well as others that offer the potential to combine road, sea and rail freight. Our vehicles have non-rusting and rubberised tanks for transporting a wide range of chemicals.

Efficient logistics flows

Our secure delivery chain supplies our customers in the Nordic region with products via tanker truck, and we can also pump products over to smaller cisterns and IBC containers. Wibax delivery trucks service is used for the delivery of chemicals packaged in IBCs, drums, cans or as dry goods in sacks. We tailor a logistics solution to meet your needs, and we can also offer stock control. The vehicle is staffed by Wibax’s personnel to ensure good knowledge about the handling of chemicals.

Wibax Logistics was named Sweden’s best haulage company in 2013, when we were handed the Stora Åkeripriset award. Through good planning and combinations of various modes of transport, storage and return flows, we are able to minimise return freight and create effective logistics flows for our customers. The company was named in 2018 as one of three finalists in the Transport Companies Sustainability Prize.

The Swedish haulage sector’s trade organisation, the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies, is working to achieve the healthy and profitable development of our sector. We contribute to this work as members. Wibax Logistics is also a member of Fair Transport, where responsible haulage companies adopt a stance on healthy transport.

As a company, we drive in a roadworthy manner, think climate smart and offer good working conditions. Our drivers are trained in safety and environmental issues and with the help of active measures and new support systems, they have developed more efficient and sustainable ways of driving. Our sustainability initiatives also include working with fossil-free fuels and increasing the net load for vehicles with a total weight of 74 tons which are now allowed on parts of the road network, in order to reduce the number of deliveries. A higher shipment weight results in lower CO2 emissions per transported ton, as it leads to fewer journeys and greater utility.

Wibax’s tanker trucks are stationed in strategic locations with depots. Our position as one of Sweden’s largest bulk suppliers has been further strengthened through continued investments in our terminals for storage of liquid products.

Wibax Environmental Goals
Wibax will stive to be a leader in the transition to fossil-free heavy transport, with the goal that 80% of its own transports will be fossil-free by 2030.

Safety and distinctions
ISO 9001 Certified
ISO 14001 Certified
Q3 Forum for sustainable transport, member
Stora Åkeripriset, management, 2012
Stora Åkeripriset 2013 award
Driver training SSG Entré as well as ADR and CPC
Greater Than Drive for economic training of drivers
Alcohol ignition locks
Traffic safety policy
Vehicle data system

Transport agreements
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Bulk 91 >>

Wibax Logistics
Around 50 tanker trucks
Modern vehicle fleet, average age 3 years, Euro 5 and higher
Multimodal traffic with shipping, rail, trucks and terminals
Logistics from quay to customer
Level monitoring
Goods vehicle
Sludge extraction
Own rail containers
Efficient transport for optimum environmental performance and overall economy

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