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We offer various types of blasting

WIBAX Industrial works with various types of surface protection for concrete and metals. During this work, the preparatory work is the most important part of the execution. Materials and products for the applications can both be costly, but do not function without the correct preparatory work.

Dust-free blasting with Sponge Jet

The preparatory work often takes the form of some kind of processing, where blasting using sand or grit is used to achieve a good profile. The disadvantage is usually disruptive dust formation. In sensitive environnments, extensive coverings are required. Alternatively, the preparatory work can take the form of hand tools for rust chipping, grinding and steel brushing. The corrosion protection then has no profile to attach to, resulting in only a minimal service life. Other types of “dust-free” blasting generally have no profile and are not sufficient. The preparatory work must have a profile in order to attach and achieve the maximum service life.

WIBAX Industrial offers dust-free blasting with Sponge Jet, a blasting method that does not produce dust and that can achieve a profile of up to 125 µm. This method can be used when it is impossible to perform conventional blasting or when the protection of the external environment or sensitive equipment adjacent to the blasting area entails high costs for coverings.

WIBAX Industrial represents leading-edge technical expertise. This enables us to offer a complete solution based on our customers needs and wishes. As a result, we can further optimise quality, cost-effectiveness and customer benefit.


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