WiDAQ 50


WiDAQ 50 is a high-efficiency anthraquinone dispersion for use in the production of chemical pulp. The product can be used to increase the pulp yield, increase production, reduce the load on the recycled cycle and to achieve quality benefits.

Right amount every time

Fine particles and good compatibility will make our product effective at an early stage and can help to prevent “peeling” in the cooking process at the same time as the delignification catalyzes, which overall gives improved cost efficiency for mass production.

WiDAQ-50 is used and dosed in the form in which it is delivered. The product is optimized with respect to particle size distribution, stability and mixing properties. A smooth and stable viscosity provides a safe dosage with the right amount every time.
The reduced fire wood requirements mean less emissions and positive environmental effects from the transport point of view and it also means that the customer’s total cost is lowered.

Our broad theoretical and practical experience with the anthraquinone function and application, in addition to analysis and environmental aspects gives you the opportunity for support and reliable solutions to any problems. Wibax can provide equipment for storage and dosing.

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