Magnesium sulphate solution


Wibax's prepared magnesium sulphate solution reduces the customer's handling of chemicals and frees up staff resources. Magnesium sulphate solution is used for example in the bleaching process in the pre-treatment of pulp.

Cost-saving and effective

The magnesium ion protects the cellulose fibres from breaking down in the bleaching stage. Adding ready-to-use solution rather than powder means improved efficiency for the customer and better overall economy.

Lactic acid (C3H4O(OH)2) plays an important role in many forms of fermentation because it is used as an additive in the preservation of food or the production of silage. As a preservative and acidity regulator in the food industry lactic acid has the E-number E270. Lactic acid makes the protein casein coagulate, which gives sour milk products like yogurt and soured milk its typical syrupy consistency.

The lactic acid contained in many of today’s milk products is made from molasses or starch from maize or potato.

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