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A new, 120 ton cistern roof is being lifted into place!

Wibax’ collaboration with SunPine pertains to transportation and storage of the products used by SunPine in biofuel production. SunPine rents the Wibax cistern at Haraholmen, and the companies are now entering the final stage of a joint renovation project.

The cistern, holding approximately 18 000 m3 , will be turned into a sustainable tank where SunPine can store both tall oil and raw pine diesel. In addition to replacement of plumbing and connections, the renovation includes a new system for stirring and heating the product, as well as functions tailored to SunPine’s needs. The cistern has been given a new base, and a new inner layer of acid resistant steel.

Now, a new cistern roof, with a diameter of approximately 33 meters, is being installed. The new roof, which along with the mantle weighs about 120 tons, will be lifted into place by a gigantic crane, with an 80 metre arm.

This joint renovation project was enabled through the positive, collaborative efforts of Relitor, IVAB and AFRY.