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New collaboration between Wibax and PiteEnergi

Through the new agreement, Wibax and PiteEnergi will be working together, a sustainable development for Piteå and the region. Working with a local supplier is important for Wibax, but the basic requirement is, of course, an excellent and sustainable product. Over the last few years PiteEnergi has implemented a number of measures aimed at achieving a sustainable society, selling only renewable energy since 2014 for example.

“We have high expectations of our collaboration and it is great that PiteEnergi, like Wibax, actively works with environmental issues”, says Jonas Wiklund, CEO Wibax Group.

The energy industry is important for the development of society, working both for distribution quality and above all to achieve environmental and sustainable targets. Environmental and sustainability issues are high on the agenda at PiteEnergi. Among other things, PiteEnergi only provides electricity from 100% renewable energy sources, has active collaborations with industry in Piteå to utilise waste heat for district heating supplies and has comprehensive investment plans to realise continued delivery quality in the electricity, district heating and broadband infrastructures.

“Our products strive for efficient energy use for our customers and our customers are the most important thing we have, so that work helps to develop both Piteå and the region” says Anders Ådemo, Head of marketing, PiteEnergi.