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Bio oil conversion of the Wibax terminal in Skutskär

Wibax has converted its Skutskär terminal from fossil heating to bio oil heating, supported by a climate subsidy from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Many of our terminals store products requiring heated cisterns, a need previously met by using fossil oil for heating. Wibax is working actively to reduce our emissions in several different ways, and financial support from the Environmental Protection Agency through the Klimatklivet initiative has now enabled us to transition our last Swedish terminal away from fossil fuel heating.

Following this conversion of the Skutskär terminal, the primary heating sources for all Swedish terminals are fossil free, which will further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Based on the average oil consumption in recent years, the conversion will provide an emissions reduction of approx. 200 tons of fossil CO2 / year.

The Skutskär bio oil system

The new bio oil system at the Skutskär terminal is built with two boilers running in parallel, that can either run separately, or simultaneously as needed. The bio oil boiler uses WiFuel 305 and the second boiler runs on electricity. This is meant to safeguard future terminal operations and provide constant heating of our cisterns. The new plumbing system is adapted to fit the current heating system and is now connected to all of Wibax’ cisterns located inside the bunding. In short, this means that following the remodelling, Wibax has the ability to heat all of our cisterns in Skutskär using bio oil. The system is designed to meet the needs of the terminal, and contains the necessary plumbing components from both safety and functionality points of view.

“I think it’s very rewarding to participate in a project that also has a positive environmental impact. Additionally, in my role as project manager, I have the opportunity to meet terminal staff in Skutskär and subcontractors employed by Wibax to carry out this conversion, supported by Klimatklivet”, explains Emil Sundberg, Terminal Engineer Wibax Logistics AB.

Wibax offers customers a total solutions concept for conversion

Wibax offers a total solutions concept to enable bio oil combustion for our customers, where, in addition to supplying bio oil, we also convert their facilities. Together with the customer, we analyse product needs and assist with installation, start up, optimisation, evaluation and combustion testing equipment, for industries and companies planning to transition away from their fossil fuel dependency.

How long will a conversion take?

We adapt to the size, needs and conditions of each specific facility when carrying out a conversion. A rough estimate is that a conversion will take approximately 3 months to complete, as delivery times for various components may vary. The conversion in itself can be carried out in about four weeks. Conversion is often performed in collaboration with local contractors in plumbing, welding, electrical installation and automation.


The main purpose of the Klimatklivet initiative is to reduce climate impacting emissions by providing financial support to physical investments. Investments eligible for support include concrete climate investments in fields such as transportation, industries, housing, facilities, city planning and energy. It may for example concern the transition from fossil fuels to biofuel in boilers, as done by Wibax. Klimatklivet has opened for applications twice this year, and there are plans to hold two more application periods in 2021. Application period 3 runs from August 24 – September 9 and application period 4 runs from November 8 – 18. Wibax can assist with your Klimatklivet application for transitioning from fossil fuel to bio oil.

Link to the Klimatklivet application website:

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