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The Klimatklivet climate initiative is back – take the opportunity to convert to bio oil

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Naturvårdsverket, has been granted more than 1 billion SEK in additional funding, to cover, amongst other things, investments aimed at reducing carbon emissions in Sweden. The climate initiative lets companies and other stakeholders share the risk involved in an investment with the state. Klimatklivet opens to new applications for funding in August.

“This is a great opportunity for companies who are currently using fossil fuels to convert their combustion facilities to use bio oil”, explains Fredrik Nordström, Wibax Industrial.

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Wibax is an experienced partner in biofuel consultation and advice. Wibax offers total solutions, from storage to combustion. We analyse your facility to find the most suitable type of bio oil, we convert and adapt combustion facilities from fossil fuel to biofuel. We help with the startup, optimisation and evaluation and provide equipment for combustion trial runs. We can also help with the application for grants to assist the move from fossil fuel to bio oil. Additionally, Wibax’ total solution concept encompasses all logistics needs, ensuring a secure supply chain providing our customers with Wibax bio oil.