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Sustainable solutions for the nordic market

Everal Wibax customers and partners have been established in both Finland and Sweden for a long time. The industrial structure of the two countries is largely similar, with major stakeholders in the forestry, steel, mining, paper and pulp industries. Wibax' unique offer, well established in Sweden since 1986, consisting of storage, supervision, transport and product sales, is sought after by Finnish customers too.

Through the acquisition of Baltic Tank OY, Wibax can offer the Finnish and Estonian markets sustainable total solutions, thereby reaching more rapid growth and establishing deeper long-term collaboration.

The implementation of Baltic Tank as part of the Wibax group has been carried out succesfully, with positive reactions, and a number of synergies and collaborative projects have already been identified.

The work of developing a strategic growth plan until 2025 for the Finnish Group is largely complete. The market has responded favourably, welcoming Wibax’ Finnish investment with a number of new, major bulk product deals. Deals that would not have been possible without Baltic Tank’s storage resources and skilled staff.

With storage options along the entire coastal region, from Uddevalla, Sweden to Kunda, Estonia, Wibax has further strengthened its presence and competitiveness, as the one chemicals supplier offering sustainable, long-term solutions for the entire nordic market.