The Wibax Group

Wibax's head office and production are located in Piteå, although we also have terminals and offices strategically located around the country, as well as in Finland and Norway. At the moment, there are approx. 220 employees working in the Group. Wibax had a turnover of just over SEK 1 174 million in 2018.


The Wibax Group comprises the following companies;

Business description
The parent company was registered in 1986 and the head office is located in the company’s own properties in Piteå. The properties include offices, production premises, warehouses, workshops and wash halls. The parent company is responsible for purchasing, production, warehousing, sales, administration, quality and the environment, as well as safety and protection.

Wibax’s strategy is to process chemicals in such a way as to give our products a greater added value. This is just one of our contributions to Good Chemistry. The production facilities, which are quality-certified, are located in Piteå and incorporate know-how, machinery, production halls and storage areas. We both manufacture and prepare customised chemicals. One of the strengths of Wibax’s production is our ability to manufacture and adapt products according to the customer’s wishes, in a manner that incorporates high quality, cost-effectiveness, considerable flexibility and a high degree of purity.

Safety & Protection
In order to conduct safe storage of chemicals at our depots, comprehensive maintenance is required. To ensure this, we have initiated a maintenance programme at all our depots. Risk assessments are a natural part of our day-to-day operation. We have introduced new methods and procedures for achieving a uniform standard for these assessments. We have also introduced a new personal alarm with GPS positioning for drivers and others who work alone.

Quality & Environment
Works with permit matters for our depots, which are strategically located right across the country. Wibax’s driving coach concept, which results in lower fuel consumption and a reduced load on the environment, is being further developed. The development and implementation of the process-oriented management system is continuing. Responsible for a general working method for control, following up and evaluation of Wibax’s operational objectives. Investments in laboratory equipment provide us with tools to develop products and production processes, while at the same time providing the conditions for product quality control.

Wibax Logistics AB
Its primary task is to co-ordinate the Group’s land transport requirements, although it also carries out a number of external logistics tasks. The company’s transport fleets are of a particularly high standard and quality and the personnel are experienced and competent. The company is one of the most comprehensive tanker transport companies in Sweden, with the capacity to transport the most common chemicals to the processing industry. Wibax Logistics AB is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Group’s terminals.

With strategically located terminals at various locations throughout Sweden and a comprehensive tanker fleet, as well as our own rail containers, we are able to offer our customers cost-effective logistics solutions from production to the end customer, as well as the best possible service. Wibax Logistics was named Super Company of the Year in 2009, 2010 and 2011 by Veckans Affärer. In 2012, Wibax Logistics won the Stora Åkeripriset award in the Management category, while in 2013 the company was named the winner of the Stora Åkeripriset 2013 award.

Wibax Industrial AB
Wibax Industrial complements Wibax’s other operations and its primary task is to add value to the Group’s sales through complete solutions for industrial service, cleaning, surface treatment and reinforcement. The company carries out service and maintenance assignments within a wide range of areas in industrial environments, and with the aid of high-tech products it can prevent, renovate and protect equipment made from metal and concrete.

The company also acts as a mechanical and technical partner for Wibax’s production and terminals by providing expertise in the fields of mechanics, concrete and surface protection. The services that Wibax Industrial offers mean that quality, cost-effectiveness and customer benefit are further optimised, along with Wibax’s other resources.

Wibax Biofuels AB
The company has its main focus in the trade of liquid bio fuels, mainly for combustion. We offer a wide range of bio-oils, technical expertise for implementation, and optimization. For our customers who are interested to move from a fossil oil dependence, we offer comprehensive solutions to a clear biofuel facility.

Wibax Performance Chemicals AB
The company provides products, services and advice for optimizing industrial production processes. Application areas include products with a focus on industrial water and process treatment, primarily in corrosion, deposits and microbiology control as well as products to optimize industrial processes eg. defoamers

At the forefront of the Group, providing support for new commercial products and technology. The development of new applications is a priority area that enables significant growth for the Group. The company also supports customers with product implementation and equipment for optimising their processes. Customers, suppliers, as well as various institutes and contacts at a qualified level feature in our natural network. The development projects result in e.g. more efficient processes, optimised use of resources and higher yields, all of which improve overall economy. These are important factors in the creation of Good Chemistry.

Wibax OY
Wibax OY is a in Finland wholly-owned subsidiary of Wibax AB and is a sales company operating primarily in relation to the pulp and paper industry, the mining and metallurgical industry, as well as with products for water treatment and road maintenance in Finland.

Wibax AS
Wibax AS is a in Norway wholly-owned subsidiary of Wibax AB. The company focuses on products within industrial water- and process treatment, primarily within corrosion, sedimentation and microbiological control.