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Leader when it comes to dust-binding for gravel roads

Wibax is one of Sweden's largest suppliers of dust-binding products for gravel roads. We also offer solutions for industries where dust formation affects the working environment or the external environment, including industries or businesses with landfill areas, piles of material, crushing plants, etc.

Almost 30 years of experience and expertise

Wibax has worked with dust-binding for almost 30 years, and has considerable experience of combating dust with lignin. Nowadays, magnesium chloride is the main product for combating dust on roads, providing the best solution from a technical, economic and environmental perspective. Wibax’s solutions are able to bind dust even under extremely dry conditions. The advantage of using a solution is that the spread is more even and more controlled, eliminating the need for further water-spraying.

Wibax has extensive storage capacity, with strategically located terminals from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north. We are happy to arrange transport to ensure an efficient overall solution, although customers are also free to collect themselves. Over the years, our expertise and our reputation for delivering on time have earned us considerable confidence on the market. Our customers range from major contractors, haulage companies and municipalities to individual road maintenance operators and large industries.

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